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In Your Home Pet Sitting

Pet sitting visits include; feeding, watering, bathroom duty (letting the dog(s) out or a quick walk/scooping the litter box), playtime and lots of love and attention. The rate for in your home pet sitting visits is $20 per 30 minute visit, $25 per 45 minute visit and $30 per hour visit. There is no extra charge for multiple pets but additional time may be needed.


Potty Break and Play

Need a quick visit to let your pup out for a potty break? This 15 minute visit includes letting the dog(s) out and a quick playtime! The rate for a potty break and play is $15.


Dog Walking

The rate for dog walking, for one or two dogs, is $20 for a 30 minute walk, $25 for a 45 minute walk and $30 for an hour walk.


Overnight Stays

An Overnight stay is 12 hours and includes an evening feeding/watering, morning feeding/watering, playtime, bathroom duty (letting the dog(s) out or a quick walk/scooping the litter box), lots of love and attention and the added security of knowing your home is being watched while you are away. Overnights typically start between 7-8 PM and end between 7-8 AM, although alternate times may be arranged. The rate for an Overnight Stay is $70 per night.

Discount Packages

Discounts for weekly services! 

Potty break package: $65 for 5 days a week. That's a savings of $10! (averages $13/potty break)

Dog Walk package: $90 for 5 days a week. That's a savings of $10! (averages $18/walk)


Special Needs Pets

I have been veterinary trained and certified in properly administering medications to cats and dogs. I can give oral medications, topical medications, injections and subcutaneous fluids. I have experience in caring for cats and dogs that are; senior, blind, deaf, have limited mobility, and that are ill or recovering from surgery. I have cared for many diabetic cats and dogs and can give insulin injections and perform blood glucose monitoring. I can also syringe (assist) feed if necessary. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A VETERINARY DOCTOR AND CAN NOT AND WILL NOT GIVE YOU MEDICAL ADVICE FOR YOUR PET. PLEASE REFER TO YOUR VETERINARIAN FOR ANY MEDICAL QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. ALL MEDICATIONS AND/OR SUPPORTIVE CARE FOR YOUR PET WILL ONLY BE ADMINISTERED ACCORDING TO YOUR VETERINARIANS SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS.

No Extra Charges For:

Multiple Pets

Administering Medication


Walking Two Dogs

Watering Your Plants

Getting Your Mail


- In Your Home Pet Sitting
- Dog Walking
- Overnight Stays
- Special Needs Pets Welcome!

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