Insured & Bonded

"Open" twenty four hours a day,

seven days a week.

Not just for vacations -

Daily/Weekly Services Available! 

This means that if anything, for any reason, happens to your pet(s) while they are under my care, your pet(s) are financially covered under my insurance and bonding.


Not only is YOUR PET covered, YOUR PROPERTY is covered, OTHER PEOPLE that come in to contact with your pet while they are under my care are covered, and even if the key to your home gets lost RE-KEYING your home is covered.


This insurance and bonding provides peace of mind and I want you to feel safe and secure in your decision to let The Paw Watch LLC care for your beloved pet.


The Paw Watch LLC is fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates LLC. <--- Click this link to visit their website.


Want to read the fine print? Here you go!


Commercial general liability coverage and defense costs in addition to policy limits.

$1,000,000 per occurrence, up to $2,000,000 annually for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury,

advertising injury, products, and completed operations.

$100,000 annually for damage to premises rented to the pet sitter.

$15,000 per occurrence, up to $30,000 annually for pets lost, stolen, injured, or killed.

$1,000 per occurrence, up to $5,000 annually for vet expenses.

$2,000 annually for lost keys and re-keying of customers homes.

$5,000 annually for medical expenses.


Property damage coverage & bond to cover any damage to personal property of the pet owner.
$10,000 per occurrence, up to $25,000 annually, for the theft, breakage, and mysterious disappearance of

the personal property of the pet owner while under the care of the pet sitter, their employees, their

independent contractors, or their incidental helpers.


- In Your Home Pet Sitting
- Dog Walking
- Overnight Stays
- Special Needs Pets Welcome!

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