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Thanks so much for visiting my site! I'd love to lend a helping paw with your furry, feathery or scaly friend!


My name is Chandra Hraber and I am the Owner of, and Profesional Pet Sitter at, The Paw Watch LLC. To learn more about me and my experience and education in animal care please click "ABOUT" above.


I offer a variety of different pet care services such as in your home pet sitting, dog walking and overnight stays. To learn more about what each service includes, and my rates, please click "SERVICES" above.


ALL CRITTERS are welcome! SPECIAL NEEDS pets are welcome!


In your home pet sitting is a great alternative to boarding your pet. Boarding can be very stressful to pets. Instead, let your pet stay at home where they feel safe and comfortable. Your Professional Pet Sitter can even feed, walk and play with your pet at the same times you usually do, so your pets daily schedule remains completely uniterrupted!


Need some one to get your mail or water your plants while you're away? No problem! It's on the house!


The Paw Watch LLC is a proud member of Professional United Pet Sitters!

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking


- In Your Home Pet Sitting
- Dog Walking
- Overnight Stays
- Special Needs Pets Welcome!

Pet Sitting, Pet Care, Dog Walking, Pet Sitter, Special Needs Pets, Overnight Stays, Livingston Ontario Monroe County NY, The Paw Watch LLC

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking



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